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Why choose the expert team at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration?


He and his loving wife Anne-Marie have two beautiful children Alana-Rose and Cassius of whom they are very proud. You may see pictures of them in our marketing material from time to time. Troy wears many hats in the business as he takes care of the day to day running of the business as well as answering calls, making bookings and performing onsite cleaning to name a few. If you haven’t met Troy you have more than likely spoken to him. Troy’s a green tea drinker mainly but also loves a builders’ tea first thing; milk, no sugar.


Barry is the man that can do anything. He owns the business and is very ‘hands on’ with all aspects. He is married to Sandy and has four sons, two step children and nine grandchildren, all of whom are the love of his life. When not working in the business he is a member of his local Rotary club and cricket club. At 60+ it is time that he thought about taking life a little easier, but the passion for what the company does still burns as strongly and deeply as ever. He generally oversees all the work we do with various insurance companies dealing with fire and flood claims but will assist wherever and whenever needed. His mantra is “no time to think about retiring” and milk and no sugar in his strong tea please.

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