Curtain Cleaning

Our convenient services in Carmarthenshire

At Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration in Carmarthenshire, we are extremely proud of our curtain cleaning service and the consistently high quality results it produces. Through this service, we help you to feel proud of your home and enjoy a healthier dust free environment with beautifully clean curtains. Keeping your curtains well maintained is also highly cost effective as it extends their lifespan and gives you more time before having to buy replacements.

Tried and tested process

Properly protecting your investment by caring for your curtains requires a professional curtain cleaning service. Our process cleans virtually any type of curtain fabric, pelmet or tie-back. By utilising modern technology and specialist, dry curtain cleaning solutions, we can efficiently remove the majority of dust, soil and pollution.

Don’t forget that if you are getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned with us, we would be happy to quote for cleaning your curtains at the same time. At Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration, your convenience and satisfaction is our top priority.

Curtains cleaned at your convenience

We realise that taking your curtains down, folding them and then bringing them to a local dry cleaner is an unwanted hassle, and for that reason many people delay cleaning their curtains almost indefinitely. Which is why at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration we aim to take all of the trouble out of the process for you. Our experienced technicians specialise in curtain cleaning – we will get your curtains cleaned and looking their absolute best in record time.

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