Rug cleaning FAQs

Rug cleaning FAQs

What will happen if when you inspect my rug you find that you cannot remove the stains?
If we find any areas of concern we will contact you straight away before any cleaning work is carried out. If you feel that you would prefer not to go ahead with the clean the rug will be stored until it is ready to be collected. There will be no charge for the initial inspection and/or test patch.

Does the beating machine damage the rug in any way?
Definitely not. Whilst the back of the rug is gently beaten the secret of the rug badger is that it also harnesses over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute. It is these vibrations that shake all the dry soil out from the rug without the need of heavy aggressive beating.

Can every rug be washed like this and won’t the colours run if gets too wet?
We wash almost all of our rugs using our immersive cleaning methods. We can also clean using various other methods right the way from full immersion washing to completely dry cleaning. All rugs are tested for colour bleed and shrinkage prior going into our wash pits and it is this test that will determine the best method of cleaning.

How do you know if the rug is completely dry before wrapping it?
We test all rugs with a Protimeter before removing them from the drying room to ensure they are completely dry and safe to be stored if needed.

Do all the spots and stains come out in the wash?
Some spots and stains require extra treatment using specialised products. Attention to detail is very important to us which is why we have this additional inspection.

Can I still have the stain guard applied even if I decide to have it after it has passed this step?
We can apply any of the additional extra treatments even if you decide after we have wrapped it ready to be returned, it will just take an extra day or so before it will be ready again.

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