Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning

Not only do rugs protect the underlying floor from damage, they can also be beautiful feature pieces that add to the wider aesthetic of any home or commercial space. To help keep your rug in immaculate condition, it’s important to take a proactive approach by using a professional rug cleaning service in Swansea.

Our sister company, The Rug Laundry has the experience and specialist equipment needed to help maintain your rugs. All technicians are Master Rug Cleaner certified so you can rest easy knowing that your rug will receive the expert attention and care it deserves, whether it needs a simple clean or complex repair work.

The Process Behind Our Rug Cleaning Service in Swansea

When you’re working with valuable materials that are vulnerable to damage, there’s no room for mistakes. With over 20 years of performing rug cleaning and rug repairs in the UK, we’ve slowly perfected our processes, and today we firmly believe our workflow at The Rug Laundry is the best in the industry.

1. We photograph each rug when we receive it, and create a report that includes its dimensions, starting condition and a few other details.
2. Our technicians choose the most appropriate and effective cleaning method.
3. We test the rug’s colour-fastness.
4. We dust the rug to remove loose dirt then use full immersion to wash it
5. Each rug is inspected and any detected issues are resolved.
6. Your freshly cleaned rug is wrapped and prepared for delivery.

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Rug cleaning FAQs

We designed our 7 step rug cleaning process to ensure your rugs are given the most thorough clean possible using the safest possible method for each individual rug. Your rugs will be lovingly rejuvenated and restored to their original beauty.

We don’t just take the dirt from the surface, we remove every last bit of soil from the entire rug, on both sides. Trust us to clean your oriental rugs carefully as well and carry out repairs to rugs where necessary. Our sister company is Prestige Rug Spa.

The Process Behind Our Rug Cleaning Service in Swansea

Our team of rug cleaners in Swansea have extensive experience working with rugs of all shapes, sizes and materials. This makes us uniquely qualified to clean and repair many types of delicate and exotic rugs that may be particularly vulnerable to staining and damage. If you need oriental, Persian or Turkish rug cleaning or repairs in Swansea, our team of rug cleaners is here to help. The types of rugs we can clean include

  • Middle Eastern Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Silk & Rayon
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • Wool Rugs

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